A downloadable game for Windows

Jammers: Drew Savas, Jaylin Gillam, Derek Martin

Jam-Name: Team IDC

What would a game be like when the player isn't the main character?  Play as Excalibur and protect your 'legendary' king. Drag your king around and slice through the skulls. Protect your king from falling boulders, boiling lava, fireballs, spikes, and more. 


-Keyboard: AWSD for movement, Q to spin attack, Spacebar to Dash

-Xbox Joystick: Left stick for movement, LB for Dash, A for spin attack


Art - Jaylin Gillam

Programming - Drew Savas, Derek Martin

Particle Effects - Jean Moreno (JMO Assets)

Trailer Song - Ben Snowden


LOKA_Game.zip 79 MB

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